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UNESCO Itinerary Day Two
Pharm Table

UNESCO Itinerary Day Two

A UNESCO getaway: Day Two

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Continue your weekend in a city recognized for its historical sites and culinary offerings on day two of our UNESCO getaway. From sites celebrating German heritage to murals from some of the most talented artists in the city, there’s still more to see in beautiful San Antonio.

This is an image of the entrance of the Guenther House, an historical building surrounded by lush green grass and blooming flowers.
Guenther House

Things to Do, See & Explore

– With an array of food options, let’s begin the day with a relaxing breakfast at the Guenther House located in King WilliamIf you are in the mood for brunch, lunch or something more, Pharm Table located in Southtown is sure to please.

– Just a short drive away, stop at the Blue Star Arts Complex, where it features contemporary art space, art venues, shops, and studios. 

– While we’re still in the King William District let’s swing by a vibrant community devoted to German heritage, culture, and preservation called the The Beethoven Männerchor, their purpose is to preserve German song, music, and language.  Discover a storied German singing-society beer garden/club room with live music & events. 

– Still, more to see and do but let’s first rent an electric bike at Pedego San Antonio, one of the best ways to explore these nest areas.

– The San Antonio Street Art Initiative has made it easy for you to explore 40 jaw-dropping murals spanning across 13 city blocks. 

– With San Antonio being one of two U.S. cities designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, you won’t be disappointed in our lunch options. Head to Domingo Restaurante, a modern tribute to South Texas cuisine on the historic San Antonio River Walk.  Being feet away from the River Walk, you’ll enjoy the verdant oasis of cypress-lined paved paths, arched stone bridges and lush landscapes. With 15 miles of sidewalks and paths providing access to museums, 300-year old Spanish missions, shops and restaurants.  

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