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See the future: Here are the world’s most innovative cities

See the future: Here are the world’s most innovative cities

With urban gondolas and reclaimed green spaces, these urban areas confront challenges with creativity.

By: National Geographic Staff

July 2, 2019

By 2050, two out of every three people are projected to live in cities. As populations grow and urban areas become better connected, travelers are exploring them like never before: International tourism arrivals reached just over 1.3 billion in 2017, according to the latest reports from the United Nations World Tourism Organization, highlighting the need for sustainable solutions to build cities for the future.

Smart cities are confronting these challenges with creativity: improving roads, boosting access to technology, supporting heritage and diverse communities, and protecting the environment.

Discover how these 10 innovative destinations are protecting the planet while benefiting locals and travelers alike.

San Antonio, Texas

The oldest big city in Texas elevates its rich heritage while embracing change. Remember the Alamo? At the revitalized landmark and museum, travelers can witness scenes from the famous battle on their smartphone through augmented reality. Called a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, San Antonio is home to creative chefs serving up new versions of local Texan, Mexican, German, French, and Spanish cuisines. Plus, the ever-expanding River Walk and renovation of Hemisfair Park, site of the 1968 World’s Fair, propel the city ahead. (Plan your trip to this smart city.)

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