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Geronimo Lopez

Geronimo Lopez

City Story: Geronimo Lopez

Job Title: Chef/Owner at Botika

Passionate, Creative, Unorganized, Loyal, Outspoken

On my first day in San Antonio, I came straight from the airport to Pearl during Paella Challenge. The day was sunny, but not too hot and the vibe of the event combined with the people instantly captured me. I was introduced to many new friends that day and everyone was incredibly nice and excited to meet me. They truly make me feel like a rock star, it was a blast.

About Me

Describe yourself in 5 words or less: Passionate, Creative, Unorganized, Loyal, Outspoken

How long have you lived in SA? 7 years


  • Eatery: Outlaw Kitchen
  • Cultural Spot: The Witte Museum & The McNay Art Museum
  • Attraction: The Aztec Theatre
  • Shopping: Pearl

I fell in love with San Antonio instantly. I was here to open up NAO, the Latin cuisine restaurant for the Culinary Institute of America – San Antonio. I was nervous yet excited about this new challenge but the warm welcome that I received from my fellow chefs that day put me at ease.

I always tell others that San Antonians are “suspiciously kind,” which was overwhelming at first, but then I realized the kindness everyone has shown me and others from all over the world is real. San Antonio’s people are just charming. The melting pot of culture here is different, including deeply rooted Mexican traditions mixed with newcomers, produces an unbelievable array of flavors, experiences and offering. San Antonio’s growth is fast and it is exciting to see that, especially in the culinary space.

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