Westley Arredondo

Westley Arredondo

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Job Title: Legal Case Manager

Fun, Outgoing, Food & Drink Enthusiast

I grew up in Boerne,Texas and graduated high school from there. At that time, the town was not what it is now because there wasn’t much to do.

Although I lived relatively close to San Antonio, I didn’t move here until I was in college at Our Lady of the Lake University. The transition of moving to a big city from a small town was exciting as I came to find out there was so much to do here! One memory that stands out the most was attending my first Pub Run in Downtown San Antonio and getting to experience the nightlife! It was so exciting to see so many different people in Halloween costumes with one thing in common – to have a good time in San Antonio! The more I went out, I realized that’s what makes our city so special! San Antonio knows how to bring people together and celebrate whether it’s a regular First Friday, the Rodeo, Fiesta or a culinary event!  

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About Me

How long have you lived in SA? 14 years


  • Eatery: Down on Grayson
  • Nightlife Scene: Sternewirth at Hotel Emma or The Moon’s Daughters rooftop bar overlooking the River Walk at Thompson San Antonio.
  • Cultural Spot: The San Antonio River Walk
  • Attraction: The Southtown area because there’s plenty of upcoming spots all within walking distance.
  • Shopping: La Cantera or the Rim because there’s plenty of things to do there after you’re done shopping!

As I began to try new places in the city, it led to me deciding to share these things on my Instagram (@explore_with_westley) and hoping it would spark a similar interest in others for good food, drinks, and new experiences in our city! It included posts such as my new favorite happy hour, a must-try brunch or somewhere I went over the weekend! Moving to San Antonio helped me find this passion and it’s still something I enjoy doing and sharing!

Follow Westley as he explores the culinary scene of San Antonio and the surrounding areas on Instagram at @explore_with_westley!

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