Johnny Hernandez

Johnny Hernandez

City Story: Johnny Hernandez

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After the River Walk’s expansion to the south, and the Mission Reach was created, I decided to take a bike ride. I wanted to see the river’s connection to our UNESCO World Heritage Site Spanish Colonial Missions. As I spent the day on the river, I was immediately provided a sense of place, transported back to 300 years ago when our city was founded. Seeing the San Juan farms that fed the hundreds of mission inhabitants, the acequias that provided water to all and the artwork that has been added throughout or city’s history is amazing.

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How Long Have You Lived in San Antonio? I am a born and bred San Antonio-ian.

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Though our city is old it is also new again. We are the only city in the United States that holds a UNESCO World Heritage site designation and is also a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. We are a community that is progressive and healthy. We are collaborative and inviting. We preserve and we innovate. We are a city of hospitality and I am so proud to call this my home.

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