Call for Entries contest is now closed.


This is your chance to be a San Antonio Star!

Love San Antonio? Have an idea for your own show about San Antonio? Do you have a story that captures the heart and soul of San Antonio? Do you have an idea for the types of stories that can let the world know what the real San Antonio is like? Now is your chance to share that story with a video audition. Each story that is submitted will be reviewed and if we like your show, you’ll be invited to pitch us your show in person! If your story is chosen, we’ll make it into a show featuring you! Deadline for submissions extended to October 24th, 2019!


Invite the world to San Antonio.

San Antonio tourism plays a big part in our city’s economy. Did you know over 39 million visitors come to San Antonio every year? And 1 out of every 7 jobs in San Antonio are in the tourism industry. Tourism dollars make our city a more robust, vibrant community that we can all enjoy. So you can see how a great show about San Antonio, maybe yours, would be good for everyone who lives here. And it might just make you a star!

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