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Do you know who else likes visiting San Antonio? Incredible astronomical events. Did you know that San Antonio is the place to be for not just one - but TWO eclipses? San Antonio will welcome an annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, as well as a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.


What is an Annular Solar Eclipse?

What does this all mean? In an annular solar eclipse, the Moon covers the center of the Sun. Only the outer edges of the Sun will be visible to the people in the pathway of this kind of eclipse. You may have heard this phenomenon referred to as the "ring of fire."


Eclipse in the News


What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

So what happens during a total solar eclipse? Just as the name gives away, in a total solar eclipse the Moon will pass between the Sun and Earth. This will in turn completely block the visibility of the Sun for us and the sky will become dark - much like if it were dawn or dusk!


Safety is Key

When watching any solar eclipse - it is always important to keep your eyes safe. Looking directly at the sun without special eye protection can cause severe injury to your eyes. Need help finding solar viewing options? Check out these options.


Plan to Be in San Antonio for the Eclipses

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It's not too early to start booking your trip for both eclipses! Head over to our Stay page and find accommodations to fit your style and budget.  Then keep an eye on our Eclipse page for more information and upcoming events and deals to take advantage of!