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City Story: Alex Amaro

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I was born and raised in San Antonio, which means I have 30+ years of memories that have all meshed to create one crazy and amazing experience. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are from Fiesta. From strolling through the vibrant scene at Market Square, to riding the rides at the Fiesta Carnival at the Alamodome and screaming my sister’s name at the top of my lungs as she marched in the famous parades with the Southwest High School band – Fiesta was a favorite time of year for my family.

I think the part of Fiesta that I hold closest to my heart is the idea of a community of people coming together to literally dance in the streets and celebrate our history as well as one another. I truly believe this love seeing people brought together to forget their troubles and have a good time is what created my interest in serving a larger role in the San Antonio community.

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How Long Have You Lived in San Antonio? 34 years

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Fiesta is just one way for visitors to get a glimpse into who we are as a city. Although we may be the seventh largest city in the United States, the people of the Alamo City will come together as if everyone knows each other and provide a space for people of all walks of life to create lasting memories. Our city specializes in creating pictures for our locals and visitors alike that you won’t forget. From the amazing theme parks, to unique attractions, massive dance floors at nightclubs, impromptu cumbia circles at Market Square and more, the memories you can create here in San Antonio are extraordinary because of the people you share them with.

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